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  • Dear members,
    The Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare has met its third session. I would like to appreciate all our members who took many efforts to construct and develop our academy. Our academy thrived with your work and service. Looking back, researchers in diverse fields have participated in our community and our academy has gained its reputation widely in the society. There also have been significant developments in publishing journals and medical communication textbooks.As the president of the next session, I am convinced that the Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare will have further developments, utilizing what we have accomplished so far.

    The value of our academy lies with that of humanities essentially in pursuing a deep understanding and love of humans. Medical professions, including the field of medical education, have recently recognized the significance of humanities in medicine and put much effort to highlight their value. The Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare, I believe, is the one that can better realize basic values of medical humanities than any other academies or societies.

    One of the merits of the Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare is in the diversity of its members.Researchers in medicine,dentistry and nursing are actively participating in our academy,along with those in German language and literature, English language and literature, French language and literature, linguistics, law, social welfare, journalism, and media.It is meaningful for our community that these researchers in such
    diverse fields are participating and constructing a multidisciplinary academy on medical communication.

    This diversity has a potential for a new creation. Just as our academy has accomplished so far, we shall create and present new academic values and findings based on our diversity. A simple gathering of scholarsin diverse fields cannot constitute a multidisciplinary academy. In order to maintain our diversity and develop its value, we shall need to have patience and make efforts in understanding one another.  

    We need to work to understand other disciplines that may be unfamiliar to us and learn something new and valuable through this.The Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare will open its doors and serve as a place where many researchersin diverse fields can study, learn, and teach for medical communication. Just as a bowl should be firm in order o be able to contain many things in it, we shall do our best to ensure the academy’s internal stability and strength in order to embrace diverse disciplines.
    Dear members who have loved our academy and made good efforts to accomplish its aspiration, we have formed a good community sailing in the same boat. We have done lots of work to develop our academy for the past  years, and we cannot slow down in order to pass on our purposes and aspirations to the next generation. You are the ones who placed the foundation of our academy. I would like to ask for yoursincere interests and participation in the academy. Your work and service will bear fruits and will be evaluated as valuable and precious by next generations.

    I would like to deeply appreciate all the members who elected me President of the Korean Academy on Communication in Healthcare. 

    I wish your and your family much happiness and blessing.